We can do a heater core replacement on just about any vehicle. If you have water or antifreeze soaking your floor boards or if you have steam or a light oily mist coming out of your dash or defrost vents, then more than likely you have a heater core that needs replacement. We have many in stock and most heater cores can be completed the same day. Blower motor replacement is also something we specialize in, and have most in stock for just about any vehicle.


Polar Bear Auto Care can do any radiator flush, replacement, or repair on your cooling system and this includes the water pump. We offer 2 different cooling system flushes; one is targeted for the dreaded DEXCOOL antifreeze that GM forced on the unsuspecting public, with built in failures to cooling systems caused by the antifreeze itself when it comes into contact with air, (funny we have lots of air around us), the other flush is a little less since we don’t have to flush to water then add the neutralizer and then flush back to the standard green antifreeze that we have been using for years with no side effects. For more on the DEXCOOL issues go to https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2006/08/gm_dexcool.html for more details on this travesty of justice.
Here are some other interesting links on this GM coolant/antifreeze:


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