Polar Bear is one of the nations leading auto a/c service facilities and we helped pioneer the retrofits to the new 134a refrigerant in Sacramento however we no longer do them due to customer satisfaction issues. We still have plenty of R12 FREON. Come see us if someone says your vehicle has to be converted. It is just not true. Automotive air conditioning is what the company was founded on. We have several technicians with over 25 years experience in just auto a/c: Most of our customers come from referrals & many, many general automotive shops send us work they can’t do. When it comes to a/c for your car or truck, these are the items that we excel at.  We also service the NEW 1234YF refrigerant found in most late model vehicle 2015 – 2023.


We here at Polar Bear agree with the MACS ( Mobile Air Conditioning Society ) and most large A/C centers around the country, conversion from R12 to R134A has a very poor success rate with customer satisfaction being the main issue. Systems designed for R134A have in most cases 300-400% more Efficient Condensers and Evaporators. R12 systems did not need this efficiency. Some conversions to R134a have experienced 6-15 degrees warmer vent temperatures. We used to say that it was not that big a deal but most of our customers disagree. This is the primary reason we NO LONGER convert any vehicle to R134A. As long as we can still get R12, we won’t be doing any conversions. R12 is a little more expensive but works so much better the cost is justified. Don’t listen to any shop that tells you that you have to convert to R134a they are not correct, and they probably just can’t service your R12 vehicle would be my guess.
I’m sure a lot of people have heard about the “drop-in” blends and how much better they cool. Just for everyone’s information they don’t cool that much better than 134a and many have R-22 in them which will eat the “o” rings & seals out of the system over time. Also, many compressor manufactures will not warranty a compressor that is running a blend refrigerant. The final problem with these blends or any type of new refrigerant is they require their own proprietary fittings and recycling equipment. Most shops around the country are not even equipped to handle the very well known 134a not to mention some obscure blend. Where could you go in Wyoming or Montana to get your a/c serviced with one of the 6 different blends? This is the problem. Stick with 134a until they come out with a refrigerant that is not a dukes mixture chemicals.


We constantly get asked how much do we charge to recharge your A/C system. This is a complicated question but has a simple answer. Keep in mind the “freon” in your car air conditioning system is the same stuff that is inside you refrigerator at home. How often do your “recharge” your fridge at home? Never right? There are only 2 reasons for an a/c recharge 1) if you have replaced parts in the A/C system or 2) it has developed a leak. We hear very often well it has been working fine for the past 10 years and now it stopped blowing cold so it shouldn’t have a leak, well unfortunately if the “freon” is low it leaked out. The tough part is explaining if it leaked out once it will out again and usually much faster as leaks don’t get better they get worse.


We have several technicians who know the climate control systems; the type of system in which you put the temp. setting on 70 degrees and it’s supposed to maintain it. We know the old Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s very well.


We have several hundred compressors in stock and do about 1,000 compressor replacements a year on all makes and all models.


We have hose making equipment right in our shop and make up thousands of hoses a year. On many cars our new hose is better than the one that was manufactured originally.


We can provide expert repairs or servicing of any vehicle air conditioning systems.


Condenser and evaporators are designed to disperse heat, this design makes it nearly impossible to repair a condenser or evaporator that is leaking. Typically replacement is the only option.


We carry hundreds of both. Did you know that these items are one of the most important components in your a/c system that keeps the compressor from failing? Think of them as a type of oil filter for your a/c system. They filter out primarily moisture and some debris from the system, and left open to the outside air for more than 24 hours they are useless! This is why every compressor manufacturer states you must change them in order to get a warranty on the compressor!

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